Improve Your Food Photography With These Simple But Stylish Props

Every great food photographer has their own particular way of doing things. Yet the recipe for stunning food photography will always include the same core ingredients: excellent photography skills, attractive lighting, and a truly delicious-looking subject. However, there’s an equally important fourth element that’s often overlooked: food photography props. Indeed, props can make an enormous […]

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Case Study: Glyndebourne

Glyndebourne is synonymous with opera and is home to one of the most important opera houses in the world. Housed at this prestigious venue, the Glyndebourne Festival offers a programme of six operas from May to August every year, attracting opera-lovers from far and wide to enjoy music and drama in Glyndebourne’s 1,200-seat indoor auditorium. […]

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Office Furniture Catalogue Photography Example

Case Study: Corporate Portraits – Part I

What is a Corporate Portrait? As with any portrait, a successful corporate portrait focuses attention on the person photographed, displaying a good physical likeness while showing off the best side of their personality. However, a corporate portrait also needs to go much further than this by reflecting brand values and helping to establish the right […]

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