360 Photography is an increasingly popular photographic technique that allows web users to manually rotate your product through 360 degrees using their mouse. It’s becoming the norm for items such as shoes, handbags, and more recently glasses and sunglasses as well as products from keyrings and helmets to chairs and full mannequins – even real models. This is a trend that we expect to advance at great speed, and we’re ready for the surge!

Our custom-built turntables were crafted by our photography team (with a little help from our carpenters) and feature a reflective layer to allow for natural reflection as your products rotate. We use the latest software technology for bespoke controls on the finished items – our post-production team can vary speed, direction, auto-loop facilities, zoom control and more – the possibilities are endless. We supply in standard HTML 5 / jQuery format to ensure compatibility with all Apple products, as well as flash files or any other preferred formats.

Many 360 photography outfits are high-volume operations undertaken by people without much photographic experience – you wouldn’t trust your stills to a non-photographer and this is all the more important when it comes to 360s. We offer test 360s for our existing clients to allow you to judge for yourself the benefits from showcasing your products.


Browse some of our latest 360 photography examples, or contact us to discuss your project in more detail.