Video production has become synonymous with traditional photography since the integration of HD quality video and DSLR cameras – we now routinely take video snippets as part of our stills photography projects, and are also commissioned to produce video promotions of varying length – from short 20-second web promos to full interviews, product demonstrations, presentations and more. With search traffic on YouTube hot on the heels of Google, it is more important than ever to showcase your products and services in a range of media.

Video production doesn’t have to cost the earth – in fact we price ourselves in being affordable in this area. Our simplest techniques can produce effective video in a very short space of time – often simplicity is the key. Using traditional photographic lighting techniques gives the quality of our work a considerable edge over our ‘non-photographic’ competitors – we know how to best light products and use that light to show off surfaces, textures, materials and quality to their very best advantage.



Video now pops up for a variety of uses that you might not have thought of – instructional videos are slowly beginning to replace difficult-to-follow manuals, and very short panning clips can show off a product better than a still or even a 360 ever could. The fashion world has begun using short catwalk videos to show off their clothing, and give the audience a sense of texture and fabric quality that stills or mannequins cannot achieve.

Not only your audience will benefit from well-produced videos – Google too sees the benefit, with search rankings often improving considerably after the introduction of quality videos to your website.

Our head videographer is an ex-BBC journalist, and if there’s a story in your product or service, he’ll find it! Allow us to really bring your story to life with both our technical and creative panache!

We offer

  • An Experienced team of videographers / photographers with styling, journalistic and art direction experience
  • High-end equipment for both studio and location work
  • In House studios and location sourcing services
  • All post production services – video & sound editing, music overlays & multiple format supply
  • Studios based just one hour from London, easy access from Crawley, Gatwick, Brighton, London & South East
  • Competitive pricing, no hidden extras & volume discounts
  • Customer service that is second to none – we have been in operation for over 25 years
  • Fast turnarounds

We know how important client recommendations are – most of our work comes via word of mouth and happy past clients. That’s why we joined the independent review company, to collect and verify the quality of our services. Click on the link in our footer to read what some of our clients have said about our work.