Welcome to our stock pages. This month we are looking for local businesses to help us with our latest joint commissins – ‘Business Stories’. Our thanks to Richards the Butcher on Western Road, Lewes, who provided us (and his business) with a bank of fantastic images.



Everywhere you look nowadays, you see stock images – probably without even knowing it! Newspapers, magazines, blogs, brochures, on the back of buses, leaflets – even on TV. To keep up with the growing demand, we are now increasingly commissioning our own shoots – for use on our website, and for submission to a number of both royalty free and rights managed stock libraries.

Stock photography is not a new concept – it has been around for decades, and we have been contributing for more than 15 years now! What has changed in recent years is the quality that is available. Designers, blog writers and business owners are no longer prepared to settle for badly lit, obvious ‘stock shots’. They want the same quality that they would get from a commission, but at a fraction of the price.

Traditionally companies such as ours would upload ‘out-takes’ from their commissioned shoots, and images from their personal shoots to image libraries. Nowadays, the demand for high quality stock imagery is so high, we make regular and scheduled contributions to stock libraries, based on our research of current trends and subject demand. Not only does it provide a valuable additional income, it allows our photographers to flex their creative muscles by choosing their own subjects!

This year, following a huge number of requests from existing clients and their associates, we began offering our reduced rate shoots. The level of discount we offer depends upon a number of factors – for clients with a business or concept we haven’t already covered, or a location that’s truly special, we have been known to shoot completely free of charge. Contact us to discuss things further.



This is just one of many stock shoots that we have commissioned. If you would like to see further examples to show the type of images we produce, please just ask.