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Case Study: Corporate Portraits – Part I

What is a Corporate Portrait? As with any portrait, a successful corporate portrait focuses attention on the person photographed, displaying a good physical likeness while showing off the best side of their personality. However, a corporate portrait also needs to go much further than this by reflecting brand values and helping to establish the right […]

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Thinking Outside the Box: Don’t Forget Your Packaging! – Part I

Packaging is an often-overlooked but nonetheless very important element of any merchandise. However, photographing packaging for e-commerce listings can present some particular challenges. Today we offer some advice on photographing packaging for increased sales. The Importance of Good Packaging Design For many people with a great idea for a new product, packaging is so far […]

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How To Write a Brief for a Fashion Shoot

Why You Should Prepare a Brief for Your Fashion Shoot Cara Delevingne is perhaps “unavailable”, and you may not be considering booking a fleet of Winnebagoes, lighting trucks or wind machines, but even a small-scale fashion shoot requires the coordination of many different elements if it is to be successful. All it takes is just […]

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Amazon Product Photography Pricing

Nowadays every other booking we take seems to be for an Amazon listing! We’re experts in creating very high quality, Amazon compliant images that will make your product really stand out – regardless of how many other people are selling the same or similar items! If you’re looking for a quick ballpark for your listing […]

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Food & Drink Packaging Photography for 4 Aces

4 Aces are one of the UK’s leading providers of disposable packaging for the food and beverages industry. Their paper and PET cups, disposable tableware and biodegradable food containers can be found at water coolers, vending machines, snack bars and coffee shops the length and breadth of the country. The team over at 4Aces commissioned […]

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How to Get Blurry Backgrounds on Your Headshots

Until relatively recently, headshots were not something the average person had a great deal of use for. In fact, unless you were either fabulously famous or criminally infamous, the only times in life you were ever likely to pose for a headshot were at the end of the school year or when your passport was […]

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