We’re specialists in producing stunning and creative, still and motion imagery. Our work is simple, beautifully lit and always razor sharp. From simply styled sets, to fully produced and edited videos, our aim is always to show off your products or services to their best advantage.

Our photographers and videographers cover a wide range of disciplines and skill sets, and our studios are fully equipped. We employ a fully colour-managed workflow and can supply images and video files to any specification and in any format. If you prefer, we can come to your premises with our portable studio. We provide imagery for business, advertising, design, publishing, catalogues, mail order, editorial and e-commerce clients amongst others.


Our Key Services

We’ve been in this industry for decades, so naturally we can do everything! However, over the years we carved a bit of a niche for ourselves in the food & drink, restaurant, health & lifestyle sectors. We have an enormous portfolio of food related work, and we particularly excel at styled food photography – much of which is done in house by our photographers without the need for a food stylist. We also have a great many clients in the clothing, jewellery, interiors, business and publishing sectors. More and more of our work now includes moving images – video, stop motion and everything in between.

We’re often to be found with an array of obscure subjects and locations in front of our lenses – take a look at our portfolio section to get a feel for what we can offer. We have many years experience working on complex locations and are fully versed in the logistics involved.


What We Do Photography Firm


Experienced product photography from Amazon packshots to high end advertising, jewellery & beauty images

What We Do Photography Firm


Inspiring food & restaurant photography, recipe shoots & advertising promotions by specialist Andrew Perris

What We Do Photography Firm


Studio & Location shoots of invisible mannequin, catalogue, fashion & lifestyle photography for both individual designers and high street brands

What We Do Photography Firm


Specialist commercial interiors photography for architects, property developers and fit out companies.

What We Do Photography Firm


High quality commercial portraits, lifestyle & PR shoots for marketing materials, websites & business promotion

What We Do Photography Firm


Where there's a good fit, we offer free and reduced rate photography to businesses that feature in our stock portfolios

Artificial Intelligencce

In the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionise the world of photography and videography, offering unprecedented capabilities and enhancing the creative processes for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Far from being scared by its advent – we are positively excited! Not only can AI speed up our workflows, it can also save our clients time, money and hassle. We intend to fully embrace its possibilities and work with our clients to continue producing work that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, AI-powered tools are set to streamline the editing and post-production workflow. AI-driven algorithms can analyse images and videos, making automatic adjustments to exposure, colour balance, and composition. This saves us time but also ensures faster and more accurate, consistent and high-quality output. Similarly, AI can aid in the removal of imperfections, such as noise or unwanted objects, to produce cleaner and more visually appealing final products.

AI also enables us to easily categorise and search our media libraries. With AI-based tagging and content recognition, photographers and videographers can quickly locate specific shots or clips, accelerating their content creation process. When we are showing our clients work examples, or cataloguing years of their images for them – AI is an invaluable tool.

AI also opens doors to new creative possibilities. Generative models, like GANs, can assist in creating entirely new, AI-generated images or videos, providing fresh material for projects. Additionally, AI-driven image recognition can be used to automate the identification of key moments or objects within videos, simplifying the task of video indexing and annotation. When our art directors have a complicated and specific set background in mind – we no longer have to work out practical ways to build it, as the option of having it digitally generated is real, and effective.

We feel that AI is poised to empower photographers and videographers by streamlining their workflows, enhancing creative options, and simplifying media management, ultimately helping them produce higher-quality content and explore new horizons in visual storytelling.