From fully styled advertising food and drink shoots, to packaging, packshots and point of sale material, food photography is one of our favourite specialisms, and an area that we all enjoy working in.

Almost all photographers will get excited at the prospect of a food shoot – it’s a creative, technically challenging area that when done well, can produce some incredibly emotive results. Andrew Perris, our founder & director of photography, has been a specialist food photographer for more than 25 years. He can help you produce mouth watering images, for print, advertising & online as well as simple product & packaging packshots.

As well as some gorgeous restaurants and food producers, in recent years Andrew has become the photographer of choice for a number of drinks companies, including the wonderful local brands Harveys & Longman Breweries, as well as up-and-coming Generation 11, a boutique Gin maker and the lovely Oxney Organic Estate Vineyard. Photographing drinks, bottles, liquids and glassware present both technical and creative challenges for any photographer – take a look at our bottle and glassware photography gallery for a few examples.

Andrew’s work was recently featured in Gastro Magazine’s Winter addition including his top ten tips for becoming an expert food photographer. Check it out in excerpts on our blog, or read the full article here.

Most of our product based food shoots will be done at our Lewes studios. For jobs that need kitchens we have a number of options to work from including our home, a variety of professional kitchens and hire studios. Please talk to us in more detail about the nature of your project so that we can make the best recommendations for the job.

Among our galleries are images from Andrew’s personal work, stock photography projects and commercial projects for clients both in the studio and on location. We shoot for companies both large and small – new and old. You don’t have to have a huge budget and a week long shoot to work with us – we support start ups and individual artisan foodies as much as we do the big industries, so please do give us a call whatever your project.





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