We are very adept at creating studio sets. With many backgrounds and props in the studio we can create a kitchen, restaurant, bedroom, workshop, bathroom, office, hotel room and gym to name a few. We have even created a swimming pool backdrop in the studio! Studio sets are perfectly suited to closer up images of products.

With a few basic props and different surfaces we can create many different sets. Not all products need a full location shoot to illustrate their suggested use. We use tiles, worktops, flooring, shelves and small items of furniture to create sets. If you have a specific concept of the background you would like us to use we can always order wall paper for your bespoke and unique setting.

If you are looking for a location set we have researched numerous locations in and around Sussex. We have also shot on location in Scotland, Austria, America, even the beaches of Barbados!

Lifestyle sets are well suited to larger products and enable you to include more of the background in your photographs. You can get more variety from your photography in less time in a real setting, but hiring a location can be expensive, depending on your requirements. Do contact us with your wishlist and we will do our best to find a background solution to suit your budget.


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