Product Photography doesn’t stop at cut-outs on white backgrounds (although we certainly do our fair share of those!!). Successful product photography introduces style and creativity into the mix –  show your customers how to use, wear, enjoy or display your products and they’re more likely to imagine themselves doing so. By engaging their desire with the right imagery, you’ll turn them on to your brand. We specialise in smart and innovative ways to showcase even the most everyday of items.

If you want your beloved products to really stand out in an online sea of Amazon white, allow us to inject a little complimentary character to help flesh out your particular brand. Lifestyle shots not only demonstrate items in use or answer a potential customer’s questions about the specifics of their construction and application, but they help make products more relatable and desirable. Our studios are teeming with varied props, materials and backdrops accumulated over years of commercial photography experience and our eye for cool and creative art direction is unwavering. That smart watch may appear even smarter when paired with some good cufflinks on a perfectly-tanned wrist and that gorgeous, handmade cushion will just scream rustic chic on the right wooden chair.


Looking for White Background Product Photography? View more of our cut out photography examples here.



We particularly love shooting lifestyle photography as it allows us to flex a number of creative muscles at once and the possibilities are endless. Lighting and technical shooting prowess come together with art-direction to form mini vignettes which please the eye and stoke the imagination. Whilst we try to achieve as much of the magic as possible in-camera for the highest quality images, close dialogue with our in-house retouchers means we can provide an extra little boost of post-production polish where necessary, so your potential customers see your products in the same rarefied light as you. You’ll receive all images at high-res for archiving and printing and web-ready for easy e-commerce, sharing and online promotion.

Good lifestyle photography enhances your products by association and crystalizes in the viewer’s mind the brand identity you want to exude, be it sleek and sexy, dark and brooding or colourful and fun.

From large-scale producers and big-batch turnarounds, to small businesses and bespoke orders, we’ll work with you to manage your brief and exceed your expectations with the story our images tell.