Lighting and set ups can be tricky for glassware, but with a few tricks, we have tried and tested methods to show your products in their very best light. From straightforward packshots to creative work, we relish all glass product photography challenges. Whether food & drink photography, or beauty products, often the colour of a liquid is essential to a product, so knowing how a shoot a product with light coming through it, rather than just onto it, is an essential skill for a glassware photographer.

Glass is see-through right? And highly reflective….. So how do you photograph something see-through on a white background, without either leaving it invisible, with a dark grey tinge, or reflecting straight back at you? How do you capture the liquid in a bottle beautifully, but keep the label clean and well lit? Some of this we can share (and have done in our blog about how to photograph bottles), while some of it is top secret. Well, not really….. but it’s a bit long for a web page when you probably want to know that WE can do it, rather than HOW.

Below are just a few examples of our photography of tricky, shiny, see-through things. Glass and transparent materials, liquids, jellies, fizz (there’s a few secrets to creating the perfect bubble too), we’ve shot them all, and got the T shirts.




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