Food and drink product photography more often than not includes the packaging. We pride ourselves in working to client briefs to perfect product images.

Glassware packaging involves expert lighting and the correct set up to ensure that the reflections are clean and enhance the product rather than distract the viewer. Here at the Photography Firm we relish all glass product photography challenges and pride ourselves in the results that we achieve.

Our in-house retoucher is very adept at ensuring that liquids are perfectly uniform and bubble-free, unless of course the bubbles are a feature the client wants to illustrate.

Our attention to detail guarantees that if you have multiple products in the same style that they will all be uniform with identical angles, lighting and reflections, maintaining consistency across the range.

Our design expertise means that we compose groups shots expertly to ensure that no product details are lost, all the products are clearly visible and that the client has variations to select from.





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