After 30-odd years in the industry, we’d humbly describe ourselves as “MEGA pros” when it comes to product photography. We’re not being particularly boastful, it’s just true (We can admit we’re collectively crap at football and have failed about 6 driving tests between us – see, modest!). Despite the decades of experience, we still get excited by the arrival of new products, especially when we’re given the opportunity to add our own ideas and creativity to the styling and execution of the shots. Alongside some of our big-name clients, we’ve worked with countless small and mid-sized businesses to capture their products in the best possible light. It’s an immensely satisfying and pivotal stage in the development or reinforcement of a brand and we’re always proud to be involved.

With bargain prices, diverse choice and no threat of rain encouraging more and more people to shop online, e commerce marketplaces have exploded in popularity and success since the noughties first got noughty. With the likes of NOTHS (notonthehighstreet for those of you NITK (not in the know!!)) conquering the world of beautifully-designed, upmarket products, it’s never been more important for sellers and creators to understand what makes one gorgeous product actually sell better than the next. Of course pricing and customer reviews are important, but without the tactile connection shoppers get on the high street, professional photography becomes fundamentally important in stopping twitchy mouse-fingers from scrolling past your products in an endless sea of online competition.



Whilst cutout photography can be executed well or not so well, it nevertheless doesn’t leave a huge amount of room for photographers to stamp their creativity on the process – a white background is a white background, as Amazon’s photography requirements will confirm. Styled Photography on the other hand is where it’s at for enthusiastic snappers like us! NOTHS focuses on the overall appeal of your product, in large part through your images – quality composition, technical prowess and lighting are key. With an acceptance rate hinted to be only 10% of all applicants, they can afford to be demanding about their photography and that’s where we can help.

We’re as passionate about art-direction and styling as we are clicking camera shutters so we relish the chance to dress a set in which to shoot new products. It helps us justify our store-room bursting at the seams with all manner of props, materials and backdrops. Granted we’ve not had call to use the luminous lycra curtains in a while but you never know when they’ll be needed again!

We’re available to aid in all aspects of product photography, from storyboarding concepts and art direction right through to post-production polish. We’re friendly, enthusiastic, professional, bad at driving tests and great at photography. With prices starting at just £8 per image for white background shots and £15 for styled photography, the smallest of investments could transform your business.

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