If you’re one of the countless designers or retailers that aren’t happy with the quality of your invisible mannequin or flat lay photography, join the queue! We will shortly be rebranding as ‘Mannequins R Us’. Just kidding. But seriously – we are constantly approached by people disappointed with their shots – wonky, crumpled, badly lit, horribly inconsistent or just downright odd looking. Not everyone can shoot a mannequin like a pro. And certainly not everyone can retouch one. Thankfully, we do both, and we do it extremely well. We are not the fastest, and not the cheapest, but then if you’ve got this far, you’ve probably judged for yourself what a fast, cheap job gets you.



We are one of the leading creators of high end mannequin images, supplying small to medium volumes for both local and nationwide fashion clients. Our clients range from designer fashion labels to small boutiques, high street stores and individual retailers. We work to tight deadlines and maintain the highest quality at all times – most of our work is used both online and in print so we work in high resolution on all our images.

The vast majority of our post production work is carried out in house. When our workload is high and we do upscale our resource, it is to qualified freelancers in the UK, with whom we have worked for many years. Our photographers are all experienced creatives and work on both location and studio work.

Whether you’re advertising your clothing in a magazine or selling it online, high quality images are essential. The only way to do your clothing justice is to invest in really good photography. High quality images ensure consumers can judge detail, fabric quality and style. Not only that, they reduce the number of returns drastically, driving higher overall sales, and less administration.

Great for websites and printed publications, mannequin photography is a must-have for all fashion brands and designers.

Specialist mannequin photographers

Photography Firm is one of the leading producers of high-end mannequin images. Over the years we have worked with numerous companies from luxury designers to independent boutiques. No matter the size of your fashion brand or the type of clothing you stock, we will tailor our mannequin photography services to show it off in the best possible light.

Working with us will give you the peace of mind that your images will be of the highest quality. We work in high resolution on all of our images, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results for our clients.

As well as producing high quality mannequin images, we also specialise in invisible mannequin photography – removing the mannequin from the image so that just the clothing is on show. These shots are great for clean-cut, contemporary fashion websites and are frequently used in magazines and other publications. See our gallery above as a demonstration of the quality we produce.

Rely on us!

As experienced photographers, we are used to working to tight deadlines and are happy to tailor our services to meet your needs. All products are shot in house and will be finished by our specialist retouchers.

If you are looking to give your fashion website photography the wow factor, we’d like to help. Please give us a call or fill in the online form on our contact us page for more information.