Chisel & Mouse are a fantastic little company just down the road from our studios. Architecture enthusiasts, brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley produce stunning, detailed plaster sculptures of inspirational buildings and even whole cityscapes, combining traditional sculpting, moulding and casting with CAD and 3D printing. They’ve produced a vast array of artworks for private collectors, businesses and retailers and have asked us to document their work for posterity, publicity and web sales.

Since their works are generally very light in tone, it was imperative we nailed the lighting to capture the products against a white background with minimal post-processing needed. Large, diffuse lighting was used to attain even exposures but some obvious directionality was used to ensure areas of shadow which help emphasise form, especially in the cityscapes. The pieces were shot in packshot fashion on reflective perspex and the individual buildings were shot on a rotating platform at 37 precise angles so 360 degree composites could be produced on the Chisel & Mouse website – No mean feat, so as with much product photography, care, attention to detail and photographer patience were key. Follow the link to check them out and see more on this great company.

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