Here is a small selection of the various electronic products and accessories we photograph – covering a vast range of technology from phone cases to medical equipment, light switches to iphone apps – any product can be made to look stylish and professional.

Simple cutouts are essential for most product listing pages, especially if you’re selling through the likes of Amazon and Ebay, but don’t forget to show your customers how their final products are going to look in your home – it’s just as important to see things in action as it is to see them isolated, clean and sharp on white. Behind most electrical products is a person who needs to use that product! So make sure your images cover every day use, as well as the obvious listing shots.

To photograph illuminated items, we tend to take multiple shots – differently exposed in order to capture both the product and the light or illumination in the best way. These will then be comped together in post production using layer masks and other techniques. We can go into more detail if you’d like us to but it does start to get technical, which is where our blog takes over.




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