Please see a selection of our hamper photography options here. We’ve used a number of different backgrounds and props to demonstrate various styles that can make a change from the standard hamper shot. Often a big selling factor in good quality hampers is the ‘after use’ of the basket – so offering buyers ideas on how that hamper might be used in their home after the contents have gone can be a valuable selling tool and useful secondary shot if you have multiple listing spaces (particularly on sites like Amazon where it’s always advantageous to fill all your image slots!)

As well as the lifestyle options, we can also manage your white background hamper photography. We include a clipping path on all white background images meaning the items will always remain well lit, and supplied on a 100% white background, with or without reflections and shadows. We’re experienced stylists and comfortable arranging all items in the best possible light to show even the fullest hamper in every detail.

If you’re looking for a particular image that isn’t shown here, or would like to discuss hamper options with us, please feel free to get in touch.




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