Creating an Amazon listing is not just about good product photography, it is about working out what combination of images best represents your product, its functions, features, unique selling points and overall quality. Often a number of sellers on Amazon are selling the same products – so it’s up to the descriptions, images and marketing of your listing to make you stand out from the crowd.

Using a professional photographer to produce a balance of clean white background product images, high quality infographics and emotive lifestyle photography will give your listing the best chance of competing. The white background shots cover the essential product views – front, back, angle, packaging and anything else you’ve included. If you’re selling the same product as someone else at the same price, consider throwing in a free accessory to add value, and make sure to include this in your images. Focus on a high quality hero shot that fills the square frame to its maximum, as this will appear larger than your competitors in Amazon’s listing view.



Use your infographics to outline features or functions that images alone can’t convey – thread counts of fabrics, the inner components, size, weight or compatibility of an item, or USPs such as ‘hand made’, ‘eco friendly’ ‘BPA free’ etc etc. Use nice bold, rich colours and fonts so that they have impact even in thumbnail view. Bring your products to life with images of your product in use. Place it in a kitchen, bedroom, outdoors or in a car – whatever suits. Help people to imagine how your product will fit into their lives for the best chance of increased Amazon sales.


Using models can really enhance lifestyle photography and do not have to exceed any budget constraints. Semi professional models can charge as little as £30 per hour so it is really worth considering when you are thinking about your Amazon listing. Hand models are also essential for a quality listing – and can help offer a size reference without the need for added graphics.


If you have a product in multiple colours we can often help keep your costs lower by colour matching. We shoot swatches of your products in their various colours, and retouch one hero image. Each section of colour is then manually pathed using the pen tool in photoshop and colours replaced to match yours.






When you are writing your photography brief remember to include any props that you need us to source (we charge them at cost). We have pre-designed brief forms that will help you think about and provide all the information we need. If you don’t know where to start – don’t worry! We offer a research and planning service for your products to help you create a comprehensive 8-image listing.





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