Amazon has inadvertently become one of our largest clients in the past 2 years (via their individual product sellers of course), as new products are launched daily, competing in the worlds largest ever marketplace. Standards have gone from positively homegrown, to super high-end professional as often thousands of sellers are marketing the same or similar products, with only a few simple differences (namely price, and yes, you guessed it, image quality) to tell them apart. The beauty of this is that we don’t have to do any convincing of our clients that top notch images are the way forward – they know it, Amazon know it, and ultimately the proof is in the pudding (or pudding dish) when listing positions and sales go up with the use of good product photographs.

Shoppers buy more from sellers with professional photos – it’s as simple as that. The zoom function on Amazon’s listings allow for 2000 px images to be shown, so there’s no margin for shoddy edges, dirty backgrounds or just poor composition. With this in mind, we offer the same quality of photography to our Amazon clients as we do to our advertising clients. As professional Amazon photographers, we are not going to be the cheapest option, but we are certainly one of the best. Read our blogs to find out more about our pricing for Amazon product photography, or read about our approach to creating Amazon infographics.

Amazon photo guidelines allow for 7 images per product – usually we create a mixture of white background photos and lifestyle images where appropriate. Where a product really needs a person’s input to bring it to life, we have a reliable bank of semi-professional models who aren’t quite as highly priced as your £500 a day agency models, but who have experience behind the camera so don’t take hours to give a natural impression of your product in use.




  • Eileen 22/02/2018   Reply →


    My name is Eileen, our company Poppy Bee is launching our very first product on Amazon soon. We are hoping to have professional product pictures taken.

    We are hoping to have 7 pictures taken. The product is a line of reusable drinking straws.
    1) 3 hero pictures (including the product, box and travel pouch)
    2) 2 action shots
    3) 2 modeling shots if possible

    Please can you give me a quote .

    Many thanks

    • Helen Perris 22/02/2018   Reply →

      Hi Eileen,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll send our full price list to you now via email, and follow up this way.

      All the best

  • Piyush 12/05/2018   Reply →

    We have five low price product to list on amazon, we need 7 images for each product all together will be 35 images,

    Please if you can share any suitable packages

    Many thanks

    • Helen Perris 14/05/2018   Reply →

      Hi Piyush,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m going to forward you our full price lists – and you can also refer to this post which explains How we price our Amazon product photography jobs.

      Our standard price for 20+ white background images would be £15.00 + VAT per image. If the products are very similar, and we feel we can speed this up then perhaps we can improve on this. Can you give us some more information about the products and what style of images you need?

  • Ismanil 12/05/2018   Reply →

    Hello I need some people to take some pictures of my product with high quality to sell online please tell me the price.

    • Helen Perris 14/05/2018   Reply →

      Hi Ismanil,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The cost of our photography depends on various factors – so it’s difficult to price without a bit more information!

      I’m sending our product photography rates by email – if you can provide us with a bit more information about the products, the number of images you require, and the style of photography, we can come back to you with a firmer idea of the costs.

      Best wishes

  • Craig rendle 05/06/2018   Reply →


    I have a new product launch coming up for amazon. I would like a quote on 7 images with a mixture of action shots and white background showing product packaging on both. Could you email me so I can know prices and give more info on the product



    • Helen Perris 08/06/2018   Reply →

      Thanks for your enquiry and yes of course, I will send you an email with more information now.

  • subintsamuel 21/06/2018   Reply →

    How we work in this

  • Sofy Tai 12/04/2021   Reply →

    i have about 2000+ different type of incenses, and would like to take as many picture as you can. Do you have a package that suit me?

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