Amazon Product Photography Pricing

Nowadays every other booking we take seems to be for an Amazon listing! We’re experts in creating very high quality, Amazon compliant images that will make your product really stand out – regardless of how many other people are selling the same or similar items!

If you’re looking for a quick ballpark for your listing before reading the detail:

Basic Listing
8 white background images from £207.50+VAT
8 white background images including 2 infographics – from £256.00+VAT
Standard Listing
4 white background images and 4 lifestyle images (studio sets only without models) from £492.50+VAT
Full Package
4 white background images and 4 lifestyle images (plus additional lifestyle images for use in extended listings) on location*, including one model* from £942.50+VAT
includes up to £100 location fees and up to 4 hours professional model fees



Just a note first – these rates are a guideline and we can’t guarantee them until we’ve talked through your products with you, and your requirements. Our rates can vary depending on the type of product you have, your styling requirements and  turnaround times. I’m afraid that we can’t take any bookings with a value of less than £150.00+VAT.

White Background Packshots

All our white background images are of a very high quality and supplied ready for upload to / We keep up to date with their requirements so you don’t have to!

  • Supply in Amazon compliant formats, web resolution 72 DPI format – for online use
  • Full retouching – removing dust & minor flaws, colour correction and enhancement
  • 100% white background with shadow or reflection if required
  • Images sized to fill frame as much as possible, supplied at current Amazon specifications (1000 – 2500 px squared)

If your products are larger than our table tops, consist mainly of shiny or metallic surfaces or glassware, jewellery, items that need to be illuminated (or with illuminated displays), or group arrangements, please refer to the advanced rates.


Number of Final Images Standard Items Advanced Items
Amazon main image £50.00 £65.00
Up to 9 £22.50 £30.00
10 – 20 £19.00 £26.00
20+ £15.00 £22.50
50+ £13.00 £19.00
100 + £12.00 £18.00

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle photography refers to all shots that include props, backgrounds, models if required, kitchen, home or outdoor settings. They also refer to step-by-step, or infographic images that demonstrate a product in use.

We carry a reasonably large stock of props and backgrounds in house. We are also happy to source additional items at cost where necessary, or you can provide us with these along with your products and we will include them in your images.

Lifestyle photography can be anything from a simple wooden backdrop with relevant props, to a full kitchen setting with models demonstrating your items. The ‘per image’ rate for lifestyle images is the same as our white background rates, plus we add a setup charge for creating your chosen backdrop. This setup charge is dependent upon the complexity of the set and props needed. Some lifestyle shoots require a location hire, others will be made from simple studio sets that we’ll create for your shoot.

We can vary each set slightly, altering props, tweaking angles and arrangements without further charge, so that every image is unique. For more significant changes, there may be additional setup fees. We’ll discuss your requirements in advance to offer you an accurate quotation.

Our minimum (standard) charge for creating a set is £45 which allows 30 minutes and includes the first shot in that set. The complex set charge allows for 60 mins to create the set, and includes the first shot.

For shoots that require full location sets – eg a full kitchen, bathroom or outdoor setup, we usually have a minimum charge of £375.00+VAT


Style of Set Setup Fee
Standard from £45.00
Complex from £95.00
Location sets from £375.00 (half day booking)

Model Fees

For many products, you don’t need the high cost of hiring a professional model (usually where no faces are involved). We can offer ‘everyday’ models at a fraction of the cost of professionals, from £20 p/h.

For those jobs that need a bit more experience, we can offer semi-professionals, often acting extras, or those that model part time, with costs beginning at £35 p/h.

For professional models, we’ll send you a contact sheet from our local model agency, with costs starting at around £50.00 p/h (usually with a minimum half day booking)