Amazon Infographics

In recent years Amazon infographics have become an essential tool in the e-commerce marketeer’s arsenal. High quality product photography is always going to be an essential element of any successful Amazon listing, but for some items photography alone will likely not be enough to convince viewers to add it to their shopping baskets.

This is especially true if rival sellers provide comprehensive infographics on their pages showing the clear benefits of a similar, competing product. If the competition is doing it, then you need to do it better.

Here’s how.

What Exactly do We Mean by Infographics?

The term infographics refers to any method of displaying information in a visual form that is simple and quick for the viewer to understand. Long lists of cold, hard technical data, or endless paragraphs of dreary and confusing user instructions will go unread by all but the most motivated of viewers.

Instead, even quite large quantities of complicated and unsexy information can be made fun to look at and easy to understand at a glance by using infographics. Typically infographics will take the form of charts, diagrams or illustrations. If they incorporate stunning professional product photography, so much the better!

The Infographics Boom

Infographics have of course been with us for quite some time (just think of the iconic London Underground map, dating back to 1931). But it was only really in the early 2010s that the world came to fully appreciate the value of infographics, with interest in infographic design really exploding in 2012.

Ever since then, infographics have become an almost essential part of our lives, helping us to easily gain an understanding of all kinds of information with a minimum of fuss or intellectual exertion.

Why Do Amazon Sellers Need Infographics?

Infographics make it easy to digest lots of information at a glance. In this age of ever shortening attention spans, people generally won’t have, or won’t want to spend, too much time reading about how your product works or what advantages it may offer. Instead you need to show them. And in the simplest, quickest and most easy to understand manner possible – or risk losing sales as  customers rapidly skip on to the next product page.

Good quality product photography can go a long way towards illustrating the benefits of your Amazon products. But some items need further explanation beyond that which can be clearly communicated by a simple product shot. Whether it’s a product comparison, an illustration of how a product works, or a guide explaining how to use the item, an infographic is often the most effective way of communicating this kind of information in an easily digestible visual form.

What’s more, Amazon only permits you to use 7 final images on a product page. Clearly then, one major advantage of creating an infographic is that it will allow you to show more than a single photograph per image – whether in a step-by-step, or as a collage – highlighting features of the product that may not warrant use of a full image.


How to Make Effective Amazon Infographics?

From salad cutters to sleeping mats; bags to phone cases: almost every kind of product can benefit from the superior display opportunities presented by an infographic.

With that said, though, it’s important to get the design of your infographics right. Badly done infographics will only confuse buyers even more. In such a case you would likely have been better off just showing a few good product shots and being done with it.

The ingredients for designing a good Amazon infographic will of course vary somewhat from product to product, however some of the main points to consider are as follows:


Your infographic should clearly explain some important feature of the product. What does it do? How does the item fit together? How do you use it? What makes it different from similar products on the market?


The photography should not only clearly display the product and illustrate what you consider to be its main selling points, but also show the item in the best possible light (quite literally), making it as alluring as possible. Badly done product photography will render your Amazon infographic worse than useless, so be sure to brush up on your photography skills or alternatively hire a professional to shoot your product shots for you.

Amazon Infographics Photography Firm

Graphic Design

The graphics must stand out, attracting the buyer’s attention, while also being appropriate to the product and brand itself. Carefully consider the colours, typography and style of design, making sure that they convey the image you want to create for your Amazon store.


It’s important to choose an infographic format that is appropriate to the information you need to communicate. For example, if the product is one that moves or changes in some way – or causes another object to move or change – then a step-by-step is likely to be a good choice of infographic.

In addition to displaying the product and its uses, you might also consider including other important information about the item in the form of illustrations,  pie charts, and line or bar graphs. These can easily be combined with photographs of the product itself.

Finally, it’s important that the infographic be designed to the correct size and dimensions for use on Amazon product pages.



The Photography Firm Approach to Amazon Infographics

Here at Photography Firm, we shoot product photos specifically for infographics, ensuring that they will fit all design requirements. We then design the infographic in-house.

By following the entire production process from start to finish – from planning and shooting through to the typography and design stages – we are able to ensure that our Amazon infographics are simultaneously stylish, informative and effective.