We are often asked for advice or further information on some of the topics that we post about, whether it’s marketing, web design or lighting techniques. We will always do our best to help – all we ask is that you ask us your questions either here, or on one of our specific blog posts, that way any of our readers can benefit from the answers we give. Equally if you have any suggestions about posts you’d like us to work on, please do let us know.


Preparing for a Commercial Fashion Shoot

Even the most natural looking fashion shoot invariably has a lot of work behind it. It takes time and forward thinking to bring all the necessary elements together, and so careful planning can mean the difference between a productive day and a frustrating race to get the shots you need. As the main aims of […]

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Product photographs of shoes, bags, wallets and gloves shown on a white background

Free Test Photography Shoots

Free Test Shots We realise that choosing a photography company can be a difficult decision, and that quality is key. Our standard minimum charge is for one hour at £95.00 + VAT. This covers the set-up, lighting and studio time needed for around 1 – 5 items of tabletop size, 1 – 3 medium items, […]

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Making a Booking & Turnaround Times

We offer a number of different services to cater for standard or urgent bookings. Standard 7-day turnaround Products will be shot, retouched and supplied to you within 7 full working days* of their arrival at our studios, assuming we have all other necessary information as below. No deposit required. 3-day turnaround Products will be shot, […]

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Our Top 20 Accessories for a Photographer’s Kit Bag!

We routinely cart around and have access to tens of thousands pounds of specialist photographic equipment, but sometimes (actually quite often) it comes down to the little things that make the difference to a shot. Here, we share (in no particular order), some of our favourite non-photographic bits, bobs, gadgets and more.   Retort stand […]

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