Special Rates for Architects, Developers & Property Marketeers

If you’re involved in any industry related to property and interiors, we may be able to offer you free or heavily reduced rates on our high-end professional photography services. All we ask for in return for a free shoot, is full licence to use the images on our own libraries, after an agreed period of time.

We provide the photographers, all photography equipment and lighting. All necessary retouching and processing is carried out in house at our own cost.

We supply you with the final image selection ready to use, in large format print or web resolution – whichever you prefer.

Free shoots are based on the assumption that Photography Firm are directing the shoot. If you or your clients wish to submit a shot list to us in advance, we’ll offer you a Joint Commission rate. These are still heavily reduced (25 – 75% discount on standard rates), to allow us the time to cover your requirements as well as our own.



We will require that either the owner or an authorised representative of the property signs a property release form, which confirms our licence to use the images for our own commercial purposes.


Exclusivity Periods 

Depending on the commercial value we place on your property, we will grant you an exclusive licence to use the images from the shoot, typically between 3 and 12 months. We will discuss this in advance of each shoot and agree the time period with you and / or your clients.


Industries That Can Apply 

Construction, Self Build, Architects, Project Managers, Surveyors, Property Developers, Commercial Property Owners, Estate Agents, Property Marketers, Engineers, Outfitters & Finishers.


For more information or to apply for this service, please contact Helen on 01273 401 630 or email studio@photographyfirm.co.uk