The Importance of Professional Photography for Amazon

You think the shops are busy around Christmas? The online marketplace is far more crowded year-round!

Nevertheless, the advantages of buying and selling via the internet are numerous. Consumers and producers alike have had a few years now to get to grips with the medium and alongside all the pre-requisite tat, the web is awash with quality products, transparently priced. Customer reviews, feedback and seller ratings can have a real and tangible effect on a business’s reputation and long-term prospects, but before anyone’s getting any positive feedback or #GreatBuy tweets, you need those online punters to stop window(s) shopping and come through your virtual door. In such a potentially cut-throat environment where huge trading platforms such as Amazon and Ebay and their standardized interfaces practically negate individual businesses’ visible branding, it’s imperative sellers are able to differentiate themselves from the competition pre-sale. A vital way that’s achieved is through professional photography.

What might be considered a fairly mundane item can nevertheless be shot in a way which highlights its design qualities or lends it the sort of aspirational air advertisers strive for. At Photography Firm, we’re frequently commissioned to shoot everyday items such as cosmetics. We always attempt to find that interesting angle or composition which will help differentiate our client’s product from the many similar ones visible online. Good photography can do a great product justice or even elevate its stature in a consumer’s eyes. Consumers want to get excited about the products they choose, even the little things.

Furthermore, buyers are inherently reassured by professional imagery of the items they are considering purchasing. It goes some way to convincing them of the credibility of the seller themselves and the legitimacy of their business. That confidence in a seller translates to confidence in their product and since we can’t pick things up and shake them online like we might in a shop, consumer confidence is imperative if they’re going to hit BUY.

Ultimately, the web allows everyone the chance at a global “audience” of potential consumers, not just the big companies. Small sellers or bespoke producers can compete for online pounds, and professional photography is an affordable, proven way to get a leg up. If commissioning a professional photo of a skin cream costs roughly the same as the item retails for, but it helps sell 100 extra units, the benefits are obvious.

We can help you stand out from the crowd.