Are there any costs involved?

No. We provide the photographers, all photography equipment and lighting. From a typical shoot, we’ll come away with 200 – 1000 images, and typically we’ll select around 20% to process and retouch.  All necessary retouching and processing is carried out in house at our own cost.

We supply you with the final image selection ready to use, in print or web resolution – whichever you prefer.

Free shoots are based on the assumption that we are directing the shoot. If you wish to submit a shot list to us in advance, we’ll offer you a heavily reduced rate, but with a small fee to allow us the time to cover your requirements as well as our own.




Do I have to own the property?

If you’re looking for interior photography, it’s essential that you either own, or are an authorised representative, of the property. We only need property releases where the building is deemed recognisable, so for many shots taken inside a building, this won’t be necessary. Please ask us if you’re unsure.


Do I have to be in the photos? 

Yes and No! Depending on your business or service, people can be important. It doesn’t have to be the owner or manager – so if you have a particularly willing member of staff who would like to model for the shoot, that’s fine too.

The only important rule is that we will need their permission, and signature, prior to the shoot. If there are any individuals in your business that don’t want to be photographed, that’s absolutely fine. We’ll make sure they are not in shot, and will only photograph those people who are happy to be involved, and who have signed our model release forms.



What do I have to sign?

All people that are shown recognisably in the shots will have to sign a model release form, and if the property / building is recognisable from the images, you (or the property owner) may also have to sign a property release form.


How long does a shoot take?

The suggested length of the shoot will depend upon the size of your business and premises, and your availability. A small business can take anything from 2 hours to a full day, but we will advise you of the options once we have learned more of your setup.



Can I direct the shoot?

You can give us your suggestions and wish lists for images that you’d like to have from the shoot in advance. Primarily however, we are there to offer an overview of your business and to complete our own shot lists that our experience tells us works well, so time for requests will be limited. There will be an option to add paid time to the shoot in order for you to gain specific shots that you may require if they don’t fit within our standard structure.


How many images am I likely to get from the shoot?

Image numbers vary hugely and depend on many factors, but from a 2 hour shoot, we would expect to generate at least 50 final shots; from a full day shoot, up to 200 final images. More than enough for a website revamp, if that’s what you’re thinking!


What style of images do you produce?

All styles. Our website has a varied mixture of work commissioned by clients, joint commissions and pure stock photography. We have been taking photographs for over 25 years, so we’ve plenty to choose from! If you’d like to see something more specific, just ask. You can see more of our recent work here.